Foot Grizzly

7.4 Foot Grizzly

What about the skidsteer guys? Oops! Looks like we missed someone. Better get to work boys. The result, a product that no other manufacturer in the world has yet to imagine. Introducing the G7-4 model. Designed specifically for use with smaller/lighter duty equipment, the G7 offers material processing in tight access areas where no other grizzly dare go and when used with our removable screen faces make it the most versatile static screen in its class. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s dainty! This little beast is as tough as anything you’ve ever seen. Built under the same patented technology as all of our other units, the G7 has every benefit of its larger predecessors in a compact package. We use solid stock 1” tumbler bars and ½” x 2 ½” solid Grizzly bars. This unit can be moved around the jobsite quickly and easily without the need for a large machine. Its smaller size also allows it to be hauled in combination with its compatible tractor on most common sized trailers!

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