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Static Screen/Rock Grizzly’s

About Z Screen LLC.

We at Z-Screen would like to introduce you to our “Patented” line of Interchangeable Static Screen/Rock Grizzly’s. This equipment was designed, tested, and built by an Excavating Contractor, for excavating contractors, since 1995.

In today’s economy we have to work smarter than ever. The rising costs of doing business directly affect our “annual budgets” and challenge our every move. The ever increasing costs of materials, equipment, insurance, etc., have a direct bearing on our day to day operations and how “cost efficient” you are performing them.

As an example: The rising costs of transporting “Imported and Exported” soils or debris to and from job sites, stockpile areas or landfills are very big expenditures. Well, here is a proposed way that you can dramatically cut those “costs” and streamline your operation at the same time. Almost every company has the availability of a stockpile area or material handling area for dirt and rock, and if you don’t, you’re losing money. Typically, all excavated soils have an intrinsic value. Capitalize on that fact whenever possible.

The whole intent of the Z-Screen line up of equipment is to make your “undesirable” materials or soils, “desirable”. By the recycling or screening of your materials/soils, you can often times be supplying your own needs for future projects, big or small, instead of purchasing more, new products, or filling up our landfills needlessly. These screened materials would range from “top soils” to “rip rap”. Think of the possibilities.

Our information pack shows how easy and productive the Z-Screen Grizzly’s and Interchangeable screen faces can be. It is a one-man operation from the seat of a backhoe or loader. Please take a moment to look over our information pack and price lists to see which combination best suits your particular needs. We also offer rental and lease purchase agreements. We are certain that you won’t find a more dependable screening system that is as efficient and adaptable to your every “screening/recycling” need.

We are quite aware of the fact that we have many competitors in our particular market place. Throughout our design and research stages we have been able to develop a product that can out produce (cubic yard volume) our competitor’s products, not to mention the durability and longevity aspects of Z-Screen. Changing out screen faces is a snap.

We would like to thank you for your time and attention, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our product line and the many uses it performs. With an appointment, we can also do on-site demonstrations. Seeing is believing. Please visit us on our web-site at www.zscreen.com for more information about our company and various products. Our Product Line is Manufactured in Phoenix, AZ, USA.